International city planning happening MadCity Riga - micro planning showroom powered by COMPACT.LV dīvāngultas smart living

From 31.05. - 01.06. our company hosted city micro planning showroom for city multifunctional furniture in Riga.


City micro planning showroom @madcityriga @compact_lv

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MadCity Riga key note speaker and book in Latvian presentation.

Jan Gehl book presentation: "Byer for Mennesker".

Our key learnings form the event:

  • The city should be better for living every year not vice versa
  • Stairs saves lives for sofa surfing inhabitants
  • Sofas lasts for 15 years then advised to change
  • Cities (like Melbourne) who heavily invested in public spaces asked its inhabitants not to bring in the city cheap and plastic furniture.
  • Co-living, shared services and city as a service is a new trend for city developments and efficiently spreading resources.

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