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Our product range is composed by 5 different types: Smart springs - Smart Memory - Memory 7 zones - Memory DeLuxe - Latex with two types of coverings: either fixed or removable, made of cotton or viscose, light-grey or beige coloured, packed and delivered in a vacuum pack except for Smart springs.
All mattresses are OEKO-TEX certified and they meet the fundamental quality standards of materials suited for the protection of the health and wellness of users. The collection was designed in cooperation with some key Made in Italy manufacturers of mattresses, to make them up to the technology of our transformable systems as to their weight-dimensions suitable for our mechanisms to assure a proper operation of products.

  • Smart springs - not removable covering in beige-coloured cotton, high-resistance plastic bag packaging
  • Smart Memory - not removable covering in light-grey coloured viscose, vacuum-packed
  • Memory 7 zones - removable covering in light grey coloured viscose, vacuum-packed
  • Memory De Luxe - removable covering in light-grey coloured viscose, vacuum-packed
  • Latex: not removable covering in light-grey coloured viscose , vacuum-packed



A typical spring mattress, preferred by millions of people.
Springs made of tempered steel diam. 2.2 mm, to assure flexibility and resistance to deformations. Each double mattress contains 400 biconic springs made of phosphate steel assembled under the Bonnel system. The springing, under the body weight, responds by wide supporting areas and not with individual pressure points.

Memorex and Memorex HD (Memory)

Memory is the most anatomical among materials used and has been developed for the purpose of reacting to the body weight and perfectly fits to all silhouettes. This peculiar property provides a pleasing feeling of ease and lightness while being at rest, and gives benefits and relax to the backbone. Memory is a highdensity, open-cell visco-elastic material, that facilitates air circulation inside the mattress and makes it perfectly responsive to the pressure of body, thus offering a perfect fit for the natural “S” shape of backbone, and assuring an optimal posture both in ergonomic and anatomic sense. Another peculiarity of Memorex is its capacity of reducing pressure and aid blood circulation.


The polyurethane foam used is foam with a high-density microcellular structure that joints elasticity and transpiration. It is obtained through a water-based expansion process, it is non-deformable, non allergic and has excellent mechanical properties thus assuring an adequate support and a correct posture thanks to its elasticity, and a balanced comfort. The open-cell molecular structure facilitates a fast dispersion of heat and moisture, thus improving the thermal balance of the bed system and a better hygiene. This process also helps to limit the proliferation of bacteria and molds. Its Soft or Firm composition provides an orthopaedic support to back and to the whole body.

Latex (Latex)

Latex is extracted from the rind of a tropical plant and expanded through an air-based process thus creating a pliable material made of billions of open cells connected to each other by micro channels. It has exceptional ergonomic and elastic properties as well.


Cotton is a vegetable fibre, soft and resistant. This material stands out for its great transpiration properties that keep it fresh when in contact with the skin, and for its structure that absorbs a great deal of moisture and helps keep the skin dry.


Viscose is a soft and silky synthetic fibre, originating from the cellulose of trees. It is very soft and silky to the touch and has an excellent capacity of dissipating sweat thus facilitating the mattress transpiration.

Vacuum – sealed Mattresses

The packing process requires that mattress goes through a one-ton pressure provided by a press, thus reducing its overall dimensions by 90%.
After that, it is rolled and sealed into a special insulating film that improves and assures the hygienic and qualitative status of mattress during transport, and reducing space on the means of transport, satisfying the rising demand in terms of quantity and timing.
Even a lot of time after packing, vacuum-sealed mattresses retain all their features unaltered and return to their original shape and volume in just a few minutes. A considerable improvement of the hygienic and quality status of mattress is also assured during transport, because the treatment prevents any contacts with any forms of bacteria.