Memory 7 zones mattress, Clei, Italy
Memory 7 zones mattress, Clei, Italy

Memory 7 zones mattress, Clei, Italy

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Made of a layer of Memory in the upper part that has got embroidered covering to have a more comfortable and pleasant contact of body with mattress. The core is made of Soft Heliocel, high-density polyurethane foam, with chequered pattern on 4 sides on the upper part to assure support to the 7 zones of the body (head, shoulders, chest, hips, legs, knees, feet).
The "checks" compress under the weight of the body and get increasingly closer to each other thus creating a perfectly anatomic and ergonomic contact surface. Outside band with embroidery pattern and four fabric handles.

This type of mattress must not be turned upside down, to assure a correct anatomical support. This system simplifies the management by assuring a correct posture for all parts of the body.

Covering: made of Viscose - light grey coloured cloth

Padding: Upper part in non allergic fibre g. 170 + cm 2 of Memory
Lower part in firm Heliocel padding and non allergic fibre g. 170

Mattress filling material:
Firm Heliocel, polyurethane foam 55 kg./sq. m. density. Chequered upper surface. 14 cm-high layer on mattresses 18 cm high
12 cm-high layer on mattresses 16 cm high
page75image11192Removable covering dry washable , vacuum-packed.

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