Tower Maxi by Altacom Italia
Tower Maxi by Altacom Italia
Tower Maxi by Altacom Italia
Tower Maxi by Altacom Italia
Tower Maxi by Altacom Italia
Tower Maxi by Altacom Italia
Tower Maxi by Altacom Italia

Tower Maxi by Altacom Italia

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Tower Maxi AT087 Design Altacom

IMPORTANT: Price indicated for melamine top, veneer and mortar look prices may vary!

From 180 to 480 cm long (100 cm wide), standart H75 cm

Extending dining table with metal base, top in melamine, wood or mortar-look, 6 inside extensions, supporting folding legs. 

Tower maxi dimensions

Delivery 7-9 weeks. Made to order in Italy.

Available Finishes

Catalogues: 2018 | NEW 2019 (updates)

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Metal (M01 Inox, M02 Verniciato Grisou goffrato, M03 Verniciato Bianco opaco, M04 Verniciato Nero opaco, M05 Cromo, M09 Cromo nero lucido, M11 Verniciato Grafite goffrato, M12 Verniciato Tortora opaco, M19 Verniciato Bronzo goffrato, M24 Verniciato bianco goffrato).


Oak veneer (W02 Rovere grigio, W03 Rovere tabacco, W04 Rovere nodato, W06 Rovere juta, W07 Rovere fumé).

Melamine (N20 Natural halifax oak, N23 Cemento, N24 Ardesia, N25 Vintage chiaro, N30 Morera, N33 Resina silver, N34 Resina grigio cenere, N35 Rovere nodato caramel, N36 Olmo moka, N40 Noce Canaletto, N42 Rovere nero, N43 Bianco spatalato, N44 Bianco statuario venato, N45 Diamond cream, N46 Pietra grey)

Mortar look (E04 Metalli vissuti nichel, E06 Beton tortora, E07 Beton nero, E08 Beton grigio scuro, E09 Beton grigio chiaro, E15 Pietra spatolata travertino, E19 Bianco assoluto, E20 Gros carruba, E21 Gros ciocco, E22 Ruggine, E23 Rock silver, E24 Rock copper, E25 Rock cemento)

Open pore lacquer (L31 Bianco luce, L32 Bianco panna, L33 Bianco vela, L34 Grigio corda, L35 Grigio canapa, L39 Rosso aragosta, L40 Tortora).

Glass (G01 Bianco, G02 Tortora, G03 Nero, G04 Bianco acidato, G05 Tortora acidato, G06 Nero acidato)

Matt lacquer (L51 Bianco luce, L52 Bianco panna, L53 Bianco vela, L54 Grigio corda, L55 Grigio canapa, L59 Rosso aragosta, L60 Tortora)

High Gloss Lacquer (L01 Bianco luce)

Ceramic (K01 Fokos Sale, K02 Fokos Terra, K03 Fokos Piombo, K05 Bianco Statuario Venato Lucido, K06 Diamond Cream Lucido, K07 Pietra Grey Lucida, K09 Oxide Nero, K10 Oxide Bianco, K11 Pietra Savoia Antracite, K12 Pietra di Savoia Grigio Perla, K13 Calacatta Gold Lucido, K14 Emperador Lucido, K15 Noir Desir Opaco, K16 Pietra Grey Opaco, K17 Calacatta Gold Opaco, K18 Bianco Statuario Venato Opaco, K19 Diamond Cream Opaco, K20 Emperador Opaco)

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